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Acute Diary Management in London

Creative V.A in London offers a specialised diary management service. Our virtual assistants work with precision to take care of your scheduling and planning, managing your time on your behalf. Using advanced calendar tools to ensure seamless coordination, our integrated and coordinated programme organises your daily activities with ease, effectively optimising your day-to-day administration for you. Outsourcing your diary management gives you a strategic and holistic view of what’s happened, what’s happening and what’s coming up, creating the potential for increased productivity through a successfully streamlined outlook.

Our Service

Our service is comprehensive. Our advanced assistants adjust appointments as needed, manage your social media, email and invoice accounts, book travel, arrange meetings and handle all general administrative tasks irrespective of category. Our scheduling software ensures that your calendar is meticulously organised, preventing overlaps and conflicts and streamlining your appointments by coordinating them effectively, grouping together key activities and options. Our dedicated professionals work confidently, sending timely reminders to keep the client informed of any changes, updates and upcoming events. Our work is embedded in paying attention to detail, inscribing a new outlook for your calendar and, consequently, a fresh perspective for you to approach meetings, events and social affairs from.

Our Pledge

Entrusting diary management to a leading organiser will transform your everyday impactfully, showcasing increased efficiency, control and commitment. Our communication is open, transparent and vivid, allowing you to trust in our partnership and work with our tailored strategies. For you, we work ambitiously, striving to act as a reliable partner in optimising your time by facilitating a smoother, more organised routine.


Packages vary, offering different solutions to different needs. We cater to individuals seeking one-off diary management, day-to-day, scaling up to a full-time, hands-off approach to those who prefer to entrust their time management to us fully. At the core of each of our solution-based strategies is a meticulously crafted organisational approach that instils craft, care and accuracy to your personal diary.

Access Tailored Diary Management With An Online Virtual Assistant in London

We take account for your time, handling it with precision to ensure it’s optimised in a way that works for you. Our analytical outlook is aimed at being beneficial to you, your time and your time management, actively instilling your day-to-day with succinctness.  Our first-rate virtual assistants relieve you of the duties you feel would benefit from intense restructuring, allowing you to benefit from our careful and structured time management. Purchase a plan to suit your needs and experience first-hand how your calendar can be created with ease by an online personal assistant in London.

Satisfied Customers

Highly recommend

“Absolutely fantastic service from Dami, so professional and efficient like no one else. She’s a dream to work with and nothing is a challenge for her. I would highly recommend.”

Rebecca T


An absolute dream

“Working with Dami was a dream! She was professional, efficient and kept on top of all tasks. She went over and above and always delivered excellence. She handled my emails, social media and coordinated my diary. She also did design work for me and reviewed my products. I would highly recommend her. Extremely organised and constant communication throughout”

Sotonye O

Award winning event planner

Part of the team!

“I’ve been using Creative VA for a while now and they have truly become a part of our team. Dami has assisted me in a couple of capacities (both personal and business admin) in both capacities Dami has been efficient and made my workload a lot easier to manage!”

Mel F

Director/ Private & Celebrity Chef

Efficient, will always recommend

“I have been working with Dami for under a year to help with my invoice and management and it has helped soo much! Dami is very efficient and is great at figuring out ways for my business to run smoothly and to save time. I’m now able to focus on other aspects of my business. I will always recommend!”

Liz D

Pro Hairstylist

Super organised and very professional

“Dami had been an amazing addition to my life. She is super organised and very professional. I was struggling to keep up with my socials and admin but Dami had since helped my business get back on track. Her vision is literally mine and more and I’m so glad to be working with her.”

Tomi A

Pro Baker & Cake artist

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